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Differences Between USA & The UK

So here we go! My first blog post! Like I said back when I started my blog up again I moved from the states to Britain a little while ago. So why not start off my blog with a post about that. In the end my blog post is just my own ramblings anyhow. Me writing about what is on my mind at the end of the day.

Living Costs

Okay – yes, the British pound is “more mightily powerful” than the dollar, and for the most part the UK is more pricey. And yes, income levels are less than the United States for comparable. And taxes, don’t get me started but to be short with VAT added to everything at 20% vs the small percentage in the states. Well, all I can say is wow! The UK is expensive.

But it’s all relevant right. It’s not like you are earning in US dollars and buying in pounds. You’re earning quid and spending quid so it’s not all that bad really.


Shocked! That’s a good way to put it! I had a nice 4 bedroom home with my husband in New Orleans. I’m living in an apartment building next to Cabot Circus in Bristol right now. We are renting a 2 bedroom place. We are fortunate to do well. But we pay £1,500 per month. Crazy! For that price we would have the biggest place back in the states. But we are in the center of town and don’t actually need a car at all with how accessible everything is.

If you go a little bit into the suburbs you get little cute town houses and you would have more room. But because of my husbands work and us getting a extra money supplemented through his work to cover as long as we rented central we decided to go for the apartment.

Once day I do want to live in a cute country side English cottage!

Coffee? No! Tea or Coffee?

This one I love. In the states everyone drinks coffee. It’s just how it is.

But in England so many people drink tea it’s wild. I know it’s a cultural thing and has been around for centuries but to experience it first hand is so strange when you see so many people drinking tea instead of coffee. When you go into a small cafe to get lunch there is literally a entire page on every menu you look at dedicated to tea. And if it’s not an entire page they have at least twenty types of teas you could order that they could serve up.

I quickly grown accustom to having a ‘cuppa’ as they say. English breakfast tea is my favorite so far.

And spelling is another thing. I just spelt favorite the American way. In England you use ‘favourite’. I’m getting better and I find my writing is now a mix of US English and British English. I’ll get there!

So that is it for now. I’ll be back soon with my next blog soon!