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Category: Security

How to Find a Good Locksmith!

So I was recently with a friend in Bournemouth for the weekend and she actually got locked out of her house because her handbag got stolen.

So I figured I might as well write my next blog post about how to find a good and reliable locksmith as the first company we called seemed like they were a bit dodgy! And it actually took a little bit of digging to find a good company so I decided that I might as well write about my experience in finding a good locksmith in case you ever need one.

But I also hope that you will never actually be in a position were you’re going to need a locksmith because it was honestly quite stressful for my friend to be locked out of the house. I really felt for her! The poor thing 🙁

Tip #1: Request a Estimate over the Phone

The first tip that I will recommend is to get an estimate over the phone.

On the first call with the first company that I spoke to I asked for the price and it seemed reasonable. Then when I called the next company the price was almost double and the third company was somewhat in the middle of the first two with their price range. So I would definitely recommend to make phone calls and request an estimate for the locksmith work that you need done.

Tip #2: Timing of the Locksmith Arriving

The next tip is about timing. If you are stuck in an emergency situation and you need a locksmith to come out to you right then and there on the spot it might cost you three or four times the normal fee. So what I suggest is when you have a locksmith come out to your property do it their schedule when it fits in. If you are not in an emergency situation that is.

That’s just a little tip to save you some money. What happened with me and my friend is when we found out about this after making some phone calls to different locksmith companies in Bournemouth we actually just went and grabbed lunch and waited until it was time for the locksmith to show up at her home and this actually saved us money.

Tip #3: Use a Local Locksmith Company

The next tip is to definitely to use a local locksmith company. When we first got locked out of the house I helped my friend search on my phone and we ended up calling some national company and we somewhat got treated like just a number I felt. When I called I a local company I actually ended up speaking to the wife of the locksmith whose name was Debbie as she actually runs the companies office for this particular locksmith in Bournemouth that we called. She answered all our questions and we ended up going with that company because they gave us the confidence in themselves.

I hope that these tips actually help you if you’re ever in a situation where you need a locksmith. Or if you’re considering to replace locks on your home or get some upgrades to a new locking system then I hope the tips have helped. At the end of the day we actually ended up going with Abacus Locksmiths in Bournemouth. Check out their Facebook if you like. And after we Googled them and did research on our phones we found out that they’re actually one of the highest rated locksmiths in Bournemouth so we definitely recommend them if you’re in Bournemouth and need a locksmith.