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My Story

Hi I’m Kelly!

I moved to the UK from New Orleans. I used to run my blog a few years ago called ‘Scoundrels of New Orleans’ so I figured why not get back into blogging once again. I got the nickname ‘scoundrel’ when I was only 3 years old as to put it not to finely I was always causing trouble.

My grandma gave me the nickname and it stuck! She would also call me a ‘little cahoot’. Very old school language indeed! I got that one as I was always playing games and hiding her stuff. I was one sneaky little child!

I used to just blog about random things back then so that’s my plan here. I’m just getting started once again so right now my plan is to just blog about my opinions on different things. And I did just move over form USA so I’ll likely be doing some reviews on the companies that helped me with my move and I have some plans to blog about the cultural differences in USA compared to the UK. I’m amazed at how different it is here!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your time on my blog!

Kelly Fain ???